Server & Datacentre Status

Information regarding downtime & maintanence in each location operated by ELHS.

London Outage Monday 5th November 2018 17:35:00

We are aware of an incident that caused all London services to be rendered inaccessible. We are looking into the problem, communicating with our provider and the datacentre to find a solution to what the problem is.

We've released our official incident report. Please refer to for more information.

After a shocking 14 hours of downtime and negligible updates from our colocation provider, services are now online again and accessible. We will update you shortly as to what the root cause was, what we're going to do to put a fix in place and what we're going to do for our customers that were impacted by this problem.

We are extremely sorry for the lack of communication, we have been in the same situation due to the little to no responses we received throughout the ordeal from the colocation provider about the problem.

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